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Medical & Rehabilitation Costs

We offer our clients a particular focus and expertise in medical treatments and rehabilitation. Our service for clients is not only to get the maximum compensation settlement but also and more importantly the best medical and rehabilitation in the fastest possible time frame.

Many claimants will suffer continuous and sometimes debilitating injuries as a result of personal injury incidents. Many treatments and procedures are not covered under the NHS which can leave an individual with no option but to consider the private healthcare industry. Procedures and treatments can often be extremely expensive which can leave an individual with substantial medical costs to contend with. With many claimants out of work as a result of their injuries these costs can not always be met. In circumstances such as these the urgent rehabilitation process does not always start immediately which can have a long term and detrimental effect on an individuals quality of life and overall recovery.

In these circumstances we are here to help. Under our medical and rehabilitation services we can offer non-recourse funding solutions from £500 – £250,000 which can be used to cover:

  • Surgery Costs
  • Medical Consultants
  • Treatment and therapy
  • Medical Equipment
  • Rehabilitation Costs

Our service allows you to get the treatment you need and when you need it. Our focus is to ensure you make a full recovery in the fastest possible timeframe.

We offer non-recourse loans for Medical & Rehabilitation costs from £500 – £250,000. If your claim is not won for any reason you do not have to repay the loan or interest. This is a guarantee.

To learn more about our services for Medical & Rehabilitation costs please contact us.

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