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Litigation Financing

We facilitate the acquisition of Litigation Financing from specialist funds worth tens of millions of pounds. Our Litigation Financing services give solicitors the resources they require to fully unlock the value of a claim without absorbing the excessive financial costs. Our Legal Financing is offered on a non-recourse basis and can be used to cover a wide variety of legal costs and disbursements including:

  • ATE Premiums
  • Medical Reports
  • Claims Consultants
  • Barristers Fees
  • Expert Reports
  • Court Fees
  • Specialist Advice
  • Expert Witnesses

Our Third Party Litigation Financing services can be used on a wide variety of claims from standard Road Traffic Accidents to complex commercial disputes. Whether you are looking for Litigation Financing Solutions to cover court fees or expert consultants we can help. Litigation Financing is available from £1,000 – £1m+ on a per case basis and applications can be approved within days.

In addition to our litigation finance solutions we also have established relations with some of the largest and most reputable insurance companies in the industry. This allows our partner firms to request funding and ATE in one simple application which further streamlines a solicitors operational processes .  Our most popular services are geared towards solicitors that process large volumes of Personal Injury and financial claims on a monthly basis. We combine litigation finance and ATE Insurance to ensure that our partner firms are funded and insured through one quick online application process.

Our solutions are designed to enhance the cash flow of law firms and improve their overall operations. Law firms that leverage litigation funding notice a significant improvement in cash flow which allows them to reinvest into key aspects of their business such as operations, staffing, acquisition, systems and infrastructure.  We can provide funding for 1 – 10,000+ claims pcm depending on a firms requirements and inhouse resources. Using advanced CRM funding systems we provide a streamlined application, draw down and repayment process which increases productivity and cash flow.

As well as working with solicitor firms that require individual and bulk claims funding we also facilitate the financing of WIP. Many firms will have thousands of claims in progress at any one time which ties up considerable resources. We work with our firms to create bespoke financing schemes which enables them to access their fees in advance of a claims conclusion which provides a sought after cash injection.

In a challenging economic climate many solicitor firms, both large and small, are leveraging the commercial and operational benefits of litigation finance.  We assist firms by providing them with the litigation solutions they need to not only strengthen existing claims but to also acquire new ones.

To learn more about our Litigation Financing Solutions please contact us.

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Funding from £1,000 - £1m+

Non-Recourse Only Repay If You Win

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