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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation Funding – Explore Your Options

Commercial litigation can be briefly defined as the process of taking a legal dispute to court. In the majority of cases, a commercial dispute is going to involve two or more corporations which are arguing over an issue which has reached the point where legal redress in the form of legal proceedings has been duly sought by one of the parties. This can also be known as Corporate Litigation.

Corporate litigation is a specialist area of law and is traditionally handled by solicitors with particular expertise who are known as corporate litigators. Employing an experienced corporate litigator along with additional consultants, experts and barristers can be a very costly process which many businesses might not be able to sustain. In many instances the costs associated with securing the right commercial litigation team can not be met by businesses which leaves them with very limited options. If the business does not have the liquid assets,  access to commercial finance or loans they may have no option but to abandon their commercial litigation requirements. This effectively denies them their legal access to justice. This is where we can help. We work with businesses that have valid commercial litigation disputes to ensure that they get the financial resources required to pursue their legal rights. Our non-recourse commercial litigation solutions can be used to pay for the legal fees, disbursements and/or services of third party consultants.

Expenses Related with Corporate Litigation

Commercial Litigation is traditionally a complex claims process. It relates to a wide variety of disputes over contracts, services and acquisitions to name just a few. The main issue with commercial litigation within the UK is the cost associated with pursuing such complex and lengthy proceedings with the right commercial litigator and team of consultants. The cost of commercial litigation will usually be extremely expensive if you are pursuing complex disputes that require specialist legal teams and counsel.  If a claim is under funded it will weaken its chance of success and weakens it bargaining position. Claims with funding solutions in place have the ability to face well resourced opponents without having to consider early settlements for reduced amounts.  If a third party is aware that you are under financial pressure they may use this to their advantage to ensure that if a settlement is reached it is usually for much less than what would be achieved through a full commercial litigation court process.Forcing an under financed claim into into early settlement is a tactic used by some opponents to reduce their overall liability costs. Not having the financial resources required to fully pursue commercial litigation can prove detrimental to a case and that is where we can help. Our non recourse financial solutions are designed to strengthen a commercial claim and provide our clients with the recourses they require to bring their claim to completion and maximise the compensation values.

Claims Funding – We Offer a Helping Hand

Financial pressure can be a serious issue when involved in a commercial litigation dispute. This can often lead to  bad and rushed decisions which can have a detrimental affect on a court case. Our commercial litigation solutions are designed to alleviate the pressures of financial strain and give you the financial resources you need to ensure you have the right litigators, experts and resources required to ensure your claim has the best possible chance of success. This is what we do.

We ensure that parties involved in commercial litigation have access to the financial resources required so that they pursue their legal access to justice. We promote loans to individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises so that they can pursue a wide variety of corporate litigation. All of our loans for commercial disputes are on a non-recourse basis which means that if your claim is not won for whatever reason you will not have to repay the capitol that has been advanced to you or any interest payments. If you are involved in a commercial litigation case and require funding to ensure you have the right  commercial lawyer and team of experts to fight your case and strengthen your claim we can help. We promote simple and easy to understand solutions and can approve applications in a matter of days. To learn more about our commercial litigation funding solutions contact us now for a free no obligation review.

Here at Claims Funding, we specialise in providing commercial litigation finance for companies, partnerships, businesses, accountants and a wide range of other commercial entities. Our litigation funding solutions give you the opportunity to pursue claims without financial constraints traditionally associated with lengthy litigation in settlement cases.

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