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About Us

About Our Company

Claims Funding are industry professionals committed to assisting individuals, businesses and solicitors that require litigation funding. We provide brokering services for non-recourse  funding solutions and can facilitate funding from £1,000 – £1m+ on cases from personal injury to complex commercial litigation. The funding solutions we promote can be used to cover Legal Fees and disbursements, ATE Insurance, Medical Costs and personal expenses . We work with various litigation funding companies as well as a range of ATE Insurance providers which enables us to obtain terms for our clients on funding and insurance if required. We are proud to be promoting revolutionary litigation funding and insurance products which can be offered to clients in the UK, US, Australia and jurisdictions across the globe. Our solutions are available to individuals, small businesses and corporate giants looking to  strengthen their claims and maximise their compensation values.

We are an ethical company that are committed to providing a high level of customer service and assistance throughout the funding process. From first contact to completion of your application you will be offered an honest, straight forward and transparent service. We have access to multi million pound funds that can be used to support a wide variety of claims from standard Road Traffic Accidents to complex commercial litigation claims and group litigation in multiple jurisdictions.

To find out more about out services please contact us for a free no obligation review.

Why Use Us?
Benefits of Our Service
  • We can assist you whether you have Personal Injury or Commercial Claim.
  • Allows you to pursue a claim that you might not otherwise be able to afford.
  • Gives you the resources to strengthen your claim by employing experts and specialists.
  • Gives you the finances to seek immediate rehabilitation to ensure your long term recovery.
  • All of our loans are non-recourse (No Win No Fee) – If your claim fails for any reason you will not have to repay the capital and interest to us.
  • We can assist you in finding the best possible healthcare consultants and devices to assist with your recovery.
  • A high quality, honest and personal service with rapid loan approval processes.
  • No setup, administration or penalty fees for early repayment of our loans.
  • Fixed interest rates which eliminates uncertainty and gives clarity on your repayment terms.
If You Have Suffered a Personal Injury We Can Help
Solicitor Fees & Disbursements
Solicitor Fees & Disbursements

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Medical and Rehabilitation Costs
Medical & Rehabilitation Costs

We offer our clients a particular focus and expertise in medical treatments and rehabilitation…More

Living and Personal Expenses
Living & Personal Expenses

Claims can often be a long and tenuous process. During this time an individual may be out of work…More

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